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Extend Your Brand

Engaging Followers means sharing great content -- even if it isn’t your own.

The Engagement Bar shows your brand above each linked page to keep you top-of-mind with readers.

Click here to see a live example.

Success Story: Quincy Jones
increase social engagementRead this case study to see how Quincy Jones used the Engagement Bar to promote his newest album, and drive more fans to his website and iTunes
Read the case study.


Setting it Up

1 Connect your Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages

This is the easiest way to share links on Facebook and Twitter.

By connecting your Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages, you can automatically track all your shared links and have a real-time view into their performance. If you've selected the Engagement Bar option and have that Setting on 'On', your custom Engagement Bar will also be added to your links automagically.

Connect your Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages on the Social Settings page here Sign Up Now

2 Use the Bookmarklet

We’re not sure why it’s called a bookmarklet. It’s not any smaller than a regular bookmark. Semantics aside, this is all about flexibility!

By clicking a new bookmark button, you can easily convert the current website’s URL to one with your Engagement Bar on it. The new link can then also be shared on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere directly.

Instructions to install your bookmarklet can be found here (you’ll need to log in to see it) Sign Up Now

3 Install it on Your Website or Blog

Make sure you don’t lose your readers when you link out.

By adding a single line of javascript or installing our WordPress plug-in, every external link from your site would show your branded bar (and a prominent Back button) above the destination page. This has increased user retention by 12% for our existing users!

You javascript code can be found here (you’ll need to log in to see it) Sign Up Now

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