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To paraphrase John Wanamaker,
Half your social content is wasted.

Find out which half.

Shareby’s Content Optimization platform categorizes your content by topic and format, and provides data around each, to increase engagement.

categorize your content by topic and format

How can you increase engagement using Sharedby?

  • Actionable Scorecard

    social gpa

    How have you performed, and what actionable things can you do to improve engagement from fans and Followers?
  • Top Categories

    social top categories

    You share content from a number of categories. Which ones are your Followers clicking on and retweeting the most?
  • Top Format

    social top formats

    Images? Videos? Articles? Check-ins? Which format of content are your Followers most engaged with?
  • Follower Loyalty

    which followers are loyal

    What % of your engaged audience is new vs returning? Is your goal to grow your audience or harvest the existing one?
  • Follower Tech Profile

    follower analytics

    How many of your engaged Followers are viewing your content from mobile devices? Where are they, and what OS are they using?
  • Timing

    optimal time to engage

    Looking at your 14, 30 or 60-day history, whats the best time for you to share content to maximize engagement?

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